"One’s heritage is meant to be shared and inspire. My pieces reflect my personal journey to connect with my Indian heritage, which I hope others embrace and bring into their own homes."

- Kam Chandan-Whittle

Our Story

The brand was launched by Kam Chandan-Whittle late 2018, but the story dates back 50 years to when her parents emigrated to the U.K. From a young age, they inspired her through music, traditions, and her mother’s cooking which left her hungry to learn about her Indian heritage.

And so, the vision for her colourful designs was born as she longed to discover not only her heritage, but also relive her childhood memories and learn more about her parents lives growing up in India.

(photo left: Kam's parents in India circa 1970s)

Kam in pink on her first trip to India

Kam Chandan-Whittle

As a graduate from Goldsmiths University with a degree in design, Kam followed the career path as an Art Director in London, Dublin and New York. While she honed her craft in the advertising industry, her passion for design was reignited with the launch of Chandan Whittle.

Her desire to create products that celebrate culture, diversity, and craftsmanship serves as an outlet to flex her experience and knowledge of design. To her, it’s important to honor her family’s life experience in their native India. It’s equally as important to honor the local artisans by creating more reliable opportunities to earn a decent income through traditional craftsmanship, in turn giving their families a better start in life.

Today as a mother, she looks forward to the day she can pass down the beauty of Indian heritage to her daughter.

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