The Artisans Masters

Our Artisan Partners From Karur

This group was founded in 2014 to provide sustainable employment opportunities for the local community and maintain traditional techniques, in a weaving and textile production region of India, which have been used for generations. While most of the artisans are experts in hand craft, the group also provides professional development training to enable artisans to produce high quality textiles.

The group also invests in a local nonprofit to support children in need. The women working on our pieces are experts and their techniques have been handed down from generation to generation. Some of the women come from economic hardship and view sustainable work as the key to self improvement and stability for their families. Employees earn living wages and work on average 8 hours per day. They have time to be home with their children before and after school.

“After my husband died, it was tough to have a normal life. I joined this co-op for survival, and am now getting regular work with steady income. I oversee Quality Control and am now an expert in the checking technique. I am now able to manage my kids’ education, family basic needs and medical expenses. I am feeling good now.”

- Subbulakshmi, Quality Control

Our Artisan Partners From Madhya Pradesh

The organization was formed in 1984 in Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh to provide vocational and life skills training to the women of the local region. Beyond life skills, the women are now taught how to use a computer and speak English. Their main goal is to create consistent livelihood and elevate the role of women in society while breaking pre-existing patriarchal norms. The women over the course of the years have created a community of support and sisterhood.

"Due to hardship, Latha’s living conditions were critical. Since her family was unable to support her and her children, a relative recommended the co-operative as a way to earn income. She joined and became a dedicated tailor. Latha’s income has become stable and she is now living happily and is able to provide for her family."

- Latha, Tailor

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